We live to Create!

Our in-house team are serial makers having launched everything from ML powered native apps, Adtech to Messenger games.

We enjoy the process of bringing an idea to life, especially the many twists and turns on the way. Lazerbird also actively support entrepreneurs globally to help bring their ideas to life.


We work with the finest emerging NoCode and Automation tools

Sharetribe Marketplace NoCode

Evaluate if you can automate work or unlock productivity tools, without the need to enlist a developer

--Save your developers time for critical tasks--

Development | The barrier for many aspiring entrepreneurs is getting their minimal viable product shipped. We work with founders from the earliest iterations to get their idea out the door so they can actively test their market hypothesis. As we focus on using development tools that require minimal to no developer support, our handoffs work seamlessly.

Automation | We help businesses by finding opportunities from their day to day operations that can be fully automated, working to then incorporate self service tools into their business, so that teams can reinvest capacity back into the critical opportunities for their business.

Game Development & Publishing | Games have become one of the most important mediums to connect with global audiences. We have experience developing bespoke HTML5 games as well as running publishing and distribution.

Marketplaces | It's an exciting time for development of marketplaces, they are becoming a stable of all aspects of our lives. We have experience of launching marketplaces, for example using Sharetribe Flex and Go.

Community & Incubator

We work with entrepreneurs around the world to develop brands and services, introduce automation practices or rapidly roll out MVP's for new concepts.

At the heart of everything we do is community, we thrive and learn together. We have been down the startup path so know first hand the value of access to different perspectives and experiences.

In that spirit we welcome new founders to reach out.

Meet the crew

Makers with endless curiosity



Product partnerships, GTM, No-Code maker & coach. Two time Googler and founder he's gained a few scars across fourteen years in tech. Passionate coach, he has led teams on billion dollar revenue products and supported the launch of a prominent VR platform. At the moment he is going deep into the NoCode world and exploring the newer players in the space


Technical Advisor

Blockchain, game development, mentor & magic. Living a double life between China and the UK, Cambridge alum Tak has fifteen years of game development experience on top of managing engineering teams in Google and consulting Crypto Hedge Funds. His current area of interest is improving vision based ML and applying human faces to cats...

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